The "Ex-Libris" of Hera


One of the biggest communication tools of Hera is the perfume Hera The Light of Women.


This perfume has the mission of linking  women through the same scent , and at the same time making them responsible for helping other women.


This scent will drive women from all over the world to Hera City , where they will reunite and make the change for a better future for Humanity.


Hera challenged the best bio perfumer, Jean Charles Sommerard from Sevessence/Paris, to create this perfume with a mission. (Please see video for details)


The perfume will be on sale in several platforms as a non profit product. The net result of its sales will be totally used in missions of empowering women worldwide through entrepreneurship and education.


We are Hera and we will recognize ourselves through the wonderful scent of this bio perfume, Hera the Light of Women.

Give a gift to Humanity.

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