The actualization of Hera is a physical city, Hera City.

A Smart Green City for the future of humanity, in honor of Women.

Hera City will be a place for tourism, business and living.


Hera city will bring together students, leaders, scientists, innovators, families and artists for symposiums, conferences, workshops, and exhibitions.

Architecture by Gil Bakhtiar


Convention Center

The Sphere, a symbol representing the world and its march, spirituality, femininity, held in a case of petals that opens little by little to the world, according to a succession of circles, representing the finite and infinite whole, unity and the multiple, the full and the perfection like "the Creator of the Universe“.

The congress center includes:

Modular amphitheater

Open space for exhibitors according to theme

Permanent and ephemeral restoration as needed

Spiritual Center "the light of women“




University & Campus

The cylinder which represents the initiatory course which instructs the pupil, creates the link with the 5 buildings, images of the five continents, the five senses.


A university & campus that aim to receive all the women of the world through a scholarship that allows them to be hosted and follow the university curriculum they have been able to access after the required selection criteria. University or training exchanges are linked to this pole.


Museum & Art district

The square, a symbol of the collective unconscious, of matter and space, is expanding in a connected world.


A museum intended to receive works for permanent and temporary collections in all areas of creation, non-restrictive and linked however with the work of women, directly or indirectly with the primary objective  of supporting women's community associations integrating social responsibility.

Smart Green City Hera

> Ubiquitous city with technology interwoven in everything from streets to buildings.


> Hera will be a smart city for the humanity of people for a better quality of life, not just the technologist.


> Sensors spread across the city to gauge energy consumption, smart traffic & parking, temperature, water, LED lights, video, intelligent transportation, safety, health and “security for all”.


> Digital city services and public engagement.


> Sustainable energy solutions, electric vehicles, shared transport, food waste to energy, underground distribution.


> Sensors in farming for sustainable farming and “food to table”.

Hera City will meet all UN sustainability goals.

Hera Anthem

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